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Clu Clu Land What is this?
A/NES is a NES/Famicom 8-bit emulator for Classic Amigas. It was coded by Morgan Johansson (me) and Fredrik Schultz.
The emulator is entirely coded in 680x0 assembler and optimized for classic Amiga hardware.

* Full 6502 emulation
* Batterybackup support
* GUI :)
* Action Replay and Game Genie codesupport
* Sound!
* Famicom Disk System emulation (W.I.P)
* Two player support
* Support for XPK compressed files
* 100% 680x0 assembler. :)

Ice climber A/NES requires ECS or AGA chipset, a 68020 CPU and a few megabytes of FastRAM. However, to get the best experience, a 68040, or even better, a 68060 is recommended!
A CD32-joypad is also recommended for a better experience.

CGFX/P96 is also (partially) supported.


Old news concerning A/NES

A/NES PRO v1.20 (2018-03-18)
A/NES PRO v1.19 (2017-08-27)
A/NES PRO v1.18 (2015-06-26)
A/NES PRO v1.17 (2015-04-01)
A/NES PRO v1.16 (2013-01-07)
A/NES PRO v1.15 (2011-08-27)
A/NES PRO v1.14 (2011-06-19)
A/NES PRO v1.13 (2011-05-29)
A/NES PRO v1.12 (2010-10-08)
A/NES PRO v1.11 (2010-05-22)
A/NES PRO v1.10 (2010-05-13)
A/NES PRO v1.00 (2010-05-08)

A/NES v1.21 (2023-11-02)
A/NES v1.2 (2021-04-03)
A/NES v1.1 (2006-11-25)
A/NES v1.17b1 (2010-03-27)
A/NES CGFX v1.34
NES Disassembler v1.0b4 (MSDOS)

Fade2Black v1.1 - A simple NES ROM playing music. Released in 1998, updated in 2011.

Technical documents
NESA v3 - NESA fileformat v3, used by A/NES v0.99. Format for logging NES audio to a file in realtime.
NESA v2 - NESA fileformat v2, used by A/NES v0.99