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VS Pinball
This hack transforms VS Pinball to be playable on a standard NES. Insert coins by pressing A-button.
Hack uses mapper 3 and palette is adjusted to standard NES.

Release-date: 2023-04-09
Version: 1.5



I've now gathered all my ROM-hacks in an archive to download. Download and enjoy!


Devil World - Highscore saving
Donkey Kong - Highscore saving
Donkey Kong Original Edition - Highscore saving
Donkey Kong JR - Highscore saving
Donkey Kong 3- Highscore saving
Excitebike - Highscore saving
Ice Climber - FDS bugfix
Ice Climber - Highscore saving
Kung Fu (PAL) - Highscore saving
Mario Bros Classic - Highscore saving
Mario Bros - Highscore saving
Mario Bros The Revenge - ROMHack
Popeye - Highscore saving
Super Mario Bros Special - highscore saving
Super Popeye - ROMHack
Track and field - Highscore saving
Track and field in Barcelona - Highscore saving
VS Castlevania - Makes the game playable on NES
VS Duck Hunt - NES Conversion
VS Excitebike - NES Conversion
VS Ice Climber - NES Conversion
VS Clu Clu Land - NES Conversion
VS Pinball - NES Conversion
VS TKO Boxing - NES Conversion
VS Goonies - NES Conversion
VS Tennis - NES Conversion
VS Wrecking Crew - NES Conversion

  • oRBIT NESHackPack_v1.00 (2022-10-13)