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2023-11-02: A/NES v1.21 released!
It was awhile ago but here's another little update for A/NES for Classic Amigas. It comes with small bugfixes, unofficial opcodes added and some minor sprite optimizations. It's in the A/NES section. Enjoy!
2023-04-09: VS Pinball v1.5
I've slightly updated the old VS Pinball patch to 1.5. Now both B + UP can be used for the left flipper. Enjoy!
2022-12-29: NESRevPlus 0.4b
I've released v0.4b of this disassembler now. It's been on my harddrive for quite some time now but here it is (=software-section). Works better with 4K screens now + some minor bugfix. Enjoy!
2022-10-13: Patch package v1.00
I've now compiled all my patches into one .RAR-archive. Makes it alot easier to maintain! Check out the patches-section.
2022-07-12: VS Duck Hunt 3.11
I've updated my VS Duck Hunt patch. If you're having troubles with missing dog in bonusround and strange flying discs, this patch might be for you. These problems seems to only appears on certain setups. Anyway, it's in the download-section, enjoy!
2022-06-09: Giants - Trapped in the past NES-intro
Should've added this along time ago but forgot about it. Me and a friend coded a little simple NES-intro. It's in the homebrew-section. Optimized for NTSC but should run ok on PAL aswell. Check it out!
Here it is on YouTube:
2022-02-16: VS Duck Hunt 3.10
I've updated my VS Duck Hunt patch to v3.10 fixing some MMC1 compability issues. Enjoy!
Oh I got a new toy today in the mailbox, helping me out with possible future patches.. :)
EverDrive N8 Pro from Krikzz

2022-01-13: VS Wrecking Crew 1.1
Updated patch with some bugfixes.
2022-01-11: VS Tennis v1.2 again + VS Ice Climber
Oops, looks like I uploaded the wrong file. If you still had issues with this patch, try download it again.
I've also updated VS Ice Climber that should work a little bit better now.
2022-01-10: VS Tennis v1.2
First of all, feel free to use the "Donate" button on my first page if you use and like my patches and wants to encourage me to create new ones! My patches has quite a few downloads but the "donate"-button is collecting dust mostly sadly...
Anyway, I've updated my VS Tennis patch to v1.2 to fix issues with EverDrives.

2022-01-08: Donkey Kong 3 savepatch v1.1
I've updated my highscore savepatch for this game since it had issues on some EverDrives, now it should work better!
2021-04-03: A/NES v1.2 released for Classic AmigaOS!
WHAT? A/NES hasn't been updated since 2006! But here is a new version for classic Amigas! I've dusted off the old sourcecode and try to breath some new life into it. It was more fun than I thought so perhaps there are even more updates coming later. Here's the newslog:
* Minor graphics optimizations.
* Rewrote stack-handling code (no more "stack overflow" errors).
* Fixed bug related to Sprite-DMA that could crash the game.
* Removed some old debug-code that slowed things down (oops)
* Added mapper 87
It's available on the A/NES page. Happy Easter everyone!
2021-03-17: VS Wrecking Crew (NES-patch)
Here's VS Wrecking Crew, patched to run on NES in one-player mode. Mapper is converted to MMC1, coins are emulated and palette is patched (not perfect though). I don't like the titlescreen of this one, seems like a waste of CHR-space with a logo like that. Anyway, check out the downloadsection! :)
VS Wrecking Crew titlescreen VS Wrecking Crew gameplay
2021-02-24: VS Tennis update
I did some minor changes to my VS Tennis patch to improve compability with hardware and some emulators. It's in the downloadsection as usual.
2021-02-21: VS Tennis (NES-patch)
A new year, a new patch! This one transforms VS Tennis to be playable on a NES. One/Two-player mode only for obviously reasons. Insert coins by pressing A+B at the same time. Hope you like it!
2020-12-04: Christmas is coming
Got an idea for a interesting hack (that's somewhat similar to hacks I've done before)? Feel free to let me know if you've got any requests. Who knows, maybe Santa can give you an early christmas-gift. :)
2020-10-01: Donkey Kong 3 highscore savepatch 1.0
Boxart Donkey Kong 3 Here comes a highscore-savepatch for the very stressful game, Donkey Kong 3!
It was awhile ago I created one of these highscore-patches so I really had to refresh my memory but I think I still got it. :)

2020-03-22: VS Duck Hunt v3.00 released!
Wow! It was along time ago! Hope you enjoy v3.00 of my VS Duck Hunt NES-patch. Most of it has been rewritten with a new introscreen with three gamemodes (difficulties) instead of dipswitch-settings. All gamemodes have individual highscores aswell! Hope you like it! :)
2019-01-02: VS Pinball v1.4 released
Happy New Year! I've updated my very old VS Pinball-patch due to a request. Flipper number 1 (usually controlled by B-button) are now mapped to Up-button instead (just like regular "Pinball" for NES). Hope you find it usefull.
2018-03-18: A/NES PRO v1.20 released
A/NES PRO v1.20 released. This time with some misc optimizations here and there.. Enjoy!
2018-01-04: Mario Bros Classic v1.6 released
I've updated my old patch with NTSC-support! Well, sort of. Hold "B" during boot to activate slower NTSC-mode. Enjoy.
2017-12-29: Ice Climber (VS NES-patch) v2.1 released!
2017 is coming to an end, here's my final(?) patch for this year. A slightly updated version of "Ice Climber (VS)" NES-patch, containing code-cleanup and minor bugfixes. Happy New Year!
2017-08-27: A/NES PRO v1.19 released!
Wow, it's been awhile! But it's back and it's bugfixed! Today I released a new version of A/NES PRO (the first new release in about two years). The previous old version introduced a few bugs that I think I've removed now. Here's the changelist:
* Screenmoderequester no longer causes a guru when aborted.
* Switched to AsmOne, Asm-Pro was causing issues with previous version.
* Bugfixed a previous optimization that caused problems (TLOZ)
* Minor cleanup
Check out the A/NES-section for downloads!
2017-06-12: Super Popeye v1.1 released
I've updated my Popeye-hack, Bluto can now be controlled left/right aswell. Check out the downloadsection.
2017-05-11: Super Popeye v1.0 released
"Super Popeye" is my latest ROM-hack. This is something out of the ordinary I think. It makes Bluto playable! He's (partially) controlled by the second controller. If playing in two player mode, the other player controls Bluto's actions. Well, tells him when to throw bottles and stuff like that. :)
Feel free to check it out! I think this is the first ROM-hack ever that translates a NPC-character to be playable?
2017-05-09: ZappR Tollkit v0.5a released!
More bugfixes, check out the software-section.
2017-05-03: ZappR Toolkit v0.4a & VS Excitebike v1.2 NES-hack released
I've updated my ZappR Toolkit a bit and also updated a very old hack to be more up-to-date. The Toolkit package has a few bugfixes and the Excitebike-hack comes with a slightly updated palette and some other "behind-the-scenes" tweaks. Check them out!
2017-04-25: ZappR Toolkit v0.3alpha released
I've now uploaded an updated version of ZappR Toolkit. IPS-patches can now be loaded aswell and converted to ZPC.
2017-04-22: ZappR Toolkit v0.2alpha released
I've updated this tool and integrated the previous "ZappR" aswell so there's now only one tool, that both runs from commandline and with a GUI! Lots and lots of bugfixes and changes. The patcher can now load ZPR-files aswell instead of just ZPC. Check it out
2017-04-20: ZappR Toolkit v0.1alpha released & Mario Bros Classic v1.5
After lots and lots and lots of work, here it is. My "ZappR Toolkit". It's a small utility for 1) Compiling patches in ZappR-format (ZPR, see post below) to ZPC-format or 2) Apply a ZPC-patch. The ZPC-format has some similarties with IPS but supports alot of other functionality aswell. The most important is CRC32-checking! Now the patch can't be applied to the wrong target anymore (a common problem with IPS, people patching the wrong files..). Anyway, this package is a huge work-in-progress so, we'll see what happens with it in the future.
I've also updated my Mario Bros Classic highscore patch to v1.5 and this patch is also available in ZPC-format. An IPS-version comes with the package aswell.
2017-04-18: ZappR v1.1 released
I've updated my ZappR to v1.1 with a few fixes. I've uploaded a more technical reference for my ZappR format to my "software & documentation" page. Check it out if you're interested. I'll soon release a first version of my "ZappR Toolkit" package than can compile ZPR-scripts to a more suitable format for distribution!
2017-04-09: Mario Bros Classic bugfix v1.4 + ZappR v1.0 released!
Added some other minor MMC1-fixes to this patch. I've also decided to release my tool that I've created and helped me a few years with my ROM-hacks. It's a tool called "ZappR" and it's a patching/scripting-tool to make ROM-hack-development alot easier. You manually create a patchfile, in cleartext, that describes your hack and ZappR parses the file and outputs a patched file. It makes life ALOT easier instead of editing in Hex-editors etc. Feel free to check it out. I've got more plans for this tool, but we'll see if anyone but me uses it. :)
2017-04-06: Mario Bros Classic bugfix v1.3
Believe it or not, here comes another bugfixed patch. This time I fix my first(?) patch after 5 years. :) Should work better on real hardware now.
2016-11-17: Ice Climber (FDS) bugfixed v1.1
Did a small bugfix-update to my previous patch...
2016-11-10: Ice Climber (FDS) bugfixed
Thanks to the guys who detected this bug in the Ice Climber (FDS)-version, appearently caused by Nintendo themselves. I've fixed the spritegarbage that appear on later bonuslevels. Check out the patches-section for the download.
2016-09-26: New hack?
I think it's time for a new hack! Have an old favourite that needs a highscore-savepatch or something similar? Feel free to drop me an e-mail with requests. :)
2016-04-22: MadNESs is here
Check it out here if you're a Windows-user! Remember it's an alpha-release so beware.. :)
2016-04-21: New section "MadNESs"!
I'm soon going to add my new NES-emulator for Windows! It's called "MadNESs" and my goal with this one is a somewhat different experience that with currently available emulators. There are many extremly good and accurate emulators out there but many of them tends to lack the retro-experience that I seek. Time will tell if I'll succeed. :)
I'll release an early alpha-version very soon.
2016-03-02: New section
I've added a "homebrew"-section today where I plan to add some of my misc NES-stuff.
2015-11-17: Sources?
Interested in the sourcecode for any of my hacks? Give me an offer (for non-commercial usage) and we'll see what happens. :)
2015-10-11: News update
My activity in the "NES-scene" has been very low lately. The motivation simply isn't there. I had hoped there should be a little more public interest in my patches but obviously I was wrong. Although it has been fun hacking NES-games, it's also very timeconsuming, and the lack of public interest doesn't really improve the motivation. I've closed the VIP-section for now (Thanks to those who did support me, I will not forget you). Time will tell what will happen to this website in the future.
2015-06-26: A/NES PRO v1.18 released
Here's 1.18 of my NES-emulator for AmigaOS. The only thing I've added (again) is NESA-ripping support. I had this in standard A/NES many years ago but I removed it when NSF came (another NES-music format), however I recently discovered that NESA wasn't that bad after all, so I added the code again. :)
One benefit with NESA is that it doesn't rely on 6502 code (as NSF do), but you can in theory playback NESA-files on any platform assuming you have a player for it.
A description of the fileformat is located on my website, here. It's perhaps a bit dated but it works ok.
2015-04-01: A/NES PRO v1.17 released
Yeah, it's been awhile, but here's a new version of A/NES PRO for AmigaOS. There are only minor "behind-the -scenes" changes. The Natami-screendriver option was also removed (we all know how that project ended..) Anyway, download it here. Please notice that A/NES PRO requires the fastest 68k Amiga you could find. :)
2015-03-25: VS Gradius for everyone
It's now available for everyone. Enjoy!
2015-03-23: VS Gradius [NES-patch] v1.0
Here's a NES-patch for "VS Gradius", it was along time ago I did VS-patching. :) It comes with coinslot-emulation & realtime palette-remapping. The ROM-checksum-calculations in the beginning was also removed (since it took forever to complete anyway). This is for the supporting VIP-users only!
VS Gradius [NES-patch]
2015-03-07: Mario Bros (JU) [!] savepatch v1.1
This old patch was partially broken in some emulators. I've bugfixed it alot and cleaned up the old code, should now work better. Hope you enjoy it, it's available for everyone.
2015-02-19: Kung Fu (E) savepatch
Another day, another patch. Here's Kung FU (PAL) with a save highscore-feature. Hope you like it! This time it's available for everyone in the downloadsection.
2015-02-18: Track & Field patches for everyone
Check out the downloadsection.
2015-02-15: Track & Field in Barcelona savepatch
Here's another savepatch for the PAL-version of Track & Field. For VIP-users only.
2015-02-12: Track & Field v1.0 savepatch
Here's the final version. Should finally work ok. This one was really nasty but anyway, hope you enjoy it! For VIP-users only at the moment.
2015-02-09: Track & Field v1.0b3 savepatch
More bugfixes.
2015-02-08: Track & Field v1.0b2 savepatch
Updated this patch with some bugfixes. VIP-users only.
2015-02-06: Track & Field v1.0b savepatch
Here's a new savepatch for "Track & Field", this time it saves your world records. This was slightly more complex to do so I am releasing this as "beta" for now. Highscore are not saved (at the moment). Oh and it's for VIP-users only at the moment (thanks once again for supporting me).
2015-01-27: Ice Climber v1.0 for everyone
My latest Ice Climber-hack is now available for everyone. Hope you like it!
2015-01-22: Mos2Mot v1.1 released
Released a minor update to this code-translator.
2015-01-17: Ice Climber v1.0 highscore-hack
It was along time ago, but here's my hack nr 20. This time it's IceClimber(U)[!] that is getting a savehack. Notice that this is only for VIP-users (see details here on how to become a supporter of my work).
2015-01-14: Mos2Mot v1.0
Can you believe it, an update on this website. :) Today I bring you an interesting tool. It was previously coded by Fernando Borovsak but I've got the permission to update and release it to the public. It's a tool that convert 6502 assemblercode to 68000 (Fernando previously used this tool for porting NES-games to Sega Genesis). v1.0 available today is pretty much untouched. Expect further upgrades from me in the future. Enjoy!
2014-06-23: VS Duck Hunt patch updated
I've updated my VS Duck Hunt patch to v2.1. There are mostly lots of internal changes. Check it out in the "patches"-section.
2014-01-28: "Mario Bros - The Revenge" released!
My most advanced patch to date. I've spent countless hours on this one! Anyway it patches a few features to the original Mario Bros game:
* New cutscene!
* Somewhat modified attackwaves
* Much more difficult Game B
* Coins are now valuable. Gather 25 to get an extralife.
Available in the downloadsection.

2014-01-27: Teaser-trailer "Mario Bros - The Revenge"
I've created a small teaser-trailer for my latest ROM-hack. The most complex one I've done so far. Here it is: Mario Bros - The Revenge. Based (obviously) on "Mario Bros" but with a few tweaks here and there. Stay tuned for more information!
2014-01-17: New patch in development
I'm working on a new patch, however it's not like the other patches I've done, this is something new (to me anyway! :)). Available soon for VIP-users.
2014-01-13: NES Explorer v1.0 released
I've done alot of fixing on this one and now it seems to work pretty ok. :) If you're a ROM-hacker you might find this tool usefull (I hope), it can locate palette-data in some ROMs and even locate graphics-data (PPU-Objects). Happy hacking!
2014-01-01: FDS Explorer v1.63 released
Includes some minor fixes.
2013-12-17: NES Explorer v0.22b released
Minor fixes only.
2013-12-17: NES Explorer v0.21b released
Minor fixes only.
2013-12-13: NES Explorer v0.2b released
I've added a PPU-object ripper that enables you to rip titlescreens and other data from alot of Nintendo iNES-ROMs. Check out the screenshot below. The software searches the loaded ROM for possible PPU-object datastructures and lets you browse through them. Some false data is obviously detected but you can also detect titlescreens, cutscenes etc etc.

2013-12-02: Super Mario Bros Special v1.0 highscore-hack
Available for everyone. Enjoy!
2013-11-22: Super Mario Bros Special v1.0 highscore-hack (VIP)
Here's a highscore-savepatch for the above mentioned title. Make sure you're patching the correct ROM (CRC32-information included in the archive). Notice that this is a hack not originally done by me. I've just added highscore-saving to this existing hack. :) This download is currently only for VIP-members.
Super Mario Bros Special by Hudson Soft
2013-11-20: Requests
Ok guys, I'm open for requests. Is there a special NES-title you'd like to have some special treatment (similar to the ones I've already created)? Feel free to send me an e-mail with your suggestions. My e-mail address is located here.

2013-11-08: TKO BOXING (VS) for everyone
Now available in the download-section.

2013-11-01: TKO BOXING (VS) v0.9b
VIP-users can today download my first beta of VS.Unisystem title "TKO BOXING", converted to work with a standard NES. It has been mapper converted from mapper 151 to mapper 4. Coins are emulated with START-button.

2013-10-31: Update coming soon
*I'm back!* New patch coming real soon! If you want to get it first, be sure to support my hard work and become a VIP member (read more here).

2013-10-01: Creating a patch - behind the scenes
Thought I'd share a little "behind the scenes" concerning my patchwork, if anyone's interested. First I'd locate a suitable game. I usually pick games that has a special place in my heart in some way, or games that are in some other way very special.
I decide what I want to do then I fire up FCEUX. It's got pretty good debugging capabilities (however it's a bit buggy). For VS-patches, I try to locate the code where the palette gets written (trap writes to $2006 and see if it's a palette address that's written there). I usually end up locating a subroutine that copies palettedata to the PPU. I extract it and rewrites it so it does what I want it to do. :)
To apply the patch I've created a special script-language to easily modify and apply a patch. Imagine "IPS" but in clear text which makes it very easy to maintain. I rarely touch a hex-editor but uses my script instead, it goes alot faster and is very safe (no risk of changing the wrong data). The most fun part is to code the patch itself and to make it as small as possible. There's usually not alot of free space in the ROMs so I have to keep it small. The most time consuming part is to find the code to "attack" and to adapt it to my needs, and make sure I don't break anything else. Anyway, it's pretty funny overall. :)

2013-06-19: Devil World & Ice Climber FDS
My latest patches are now available for everyone.

2013-06-16: Modified patches-page
I've "redesigned" the patches-page because it was becoming impossible to maintain.

2013-06-12: NESInfo v1.0
I've added a small commandline-tool (Windows, .NET-framework 3.5) that displays info (CRC32/MD5) of a INES ROM-file. Could be usefull to know so you're patching the right version of your files. Check out this download in the software-section.

2013-06-12: Devil World (VIP)
VIP-users can today enjoy a highscore-saving version of "Devil World".

2013-06-11: Ice Climber (FDS-hack) v1.0b (VIP)
Here's a hack that transforms FDS-Ice Climber to an INES ROM-file. This download is only for VIP-users at the moment. Hope you enjoy it.

2013-06-03: New Clu Clu Land (FDS-hack) v1.1b
So, here it is for everyone to enjoy. A FDS conversion of the great game "New Clu Clu Land". It's available in the "Patches"-section.

2013-06-02: XXXXX FDS-hack v1.0b
Today I am extremly proud to present a new hack, this time it's XXXXX v1.0b. The game usually requires a Famicom Disk System but it's now converted to a standard iNES ROM. This is a kickass-game, atleast that's my personal opinion! :)
You currently have to be a VIP-member to download this. If not, you have to wait a bit longer.

2013-05-29: Donkey Kong JR v1.0
Added save highscore patch for this game.
Feel free to support me if you like my work. As a bonus you'll get VIP-membership and access to my released before adding them to the public.

2013-05-25: XXXX v1.0
Available in the VIP area is now XXXX v1.0 that adds highscoresaving. Enjoy!

2013-05-23: VIP-area
I've now introduced the VIP-area, a place for users who have supported my work and donated through Paypal. By donating and becoming a VIP-user, you'll get access to my patches earlier than the general public.

2013-05-12: Hogan's Alley VS thoughts
I've been frustrated for awhile concerning Hogans Alley (VS). I've been struggling with bugs(?) cause I can't get it to work properly. However, the emulator I'm using (FCEUX) is causing me headaches aswell. FCEUX uses ROM checksums to detect certain roms and to automatically optimize the experience. Personally I think this is really really bad coding, especially if you're a homebrewcoder/ROM-hacker. I can't simply put together a test-ROM that uses a "VS Zapper" cause my ROM's CRC32 doesn't match the one in FCEUX' database. To be honest, it sucks, 100%, and it makes hacking this game alot more difficult. At the moment I am out of ideas and I have submitted a few requests to the FCEUX team and I hope they'll listen.

2013-05-10: Donkey Kong original edition v1.0
Another day, another patch. Here's a highscore savepatch for Donkey Kong (original edition) that comes with the Cement-factory level and additional animation.

2013-05-07: Donkey Kong v1.0
Highscoresaving added to this old (and difficult!) classic game! Enjoy.

2013-05-04: Duck Hunt (VS) v1.61
I've made a small update to VS Duck Hunt. If you get a red-screen flashing for a few seconds before the game starts, SRAM is not available and the highscore-saving will not work properly.

2013-04-24: Duck Hunt (VS) v1.6
I located the bug that caused ducks and pigeons to always take the same path (in some cases). I hope I've eliminated this problem now.

2013-04-19: NESExplorer v0.1
I've now released a new utility for analyzing NES-ROMs. It's pretty early in development but I still think it has a few interesting features so here it is!

2013-04-17: FDS Explorer v1.62
FDS Explorer has now been updated with some minor bugfixes.

2013-04-14: Hogan's Alley (VS) beta 1 released
I've added this game to my patches-section. Currently it DOES NOT play properly on any emulator I've tried (Nintendulator, FCEUX) but there's hope it works on the real hardware (can't try it since I haven't got a zapper or CRT). Consider this release highly experimental.
The problem is that the game uses 4-screen mode and this doesn't work very well with MMC1 on the emulators I've tried.

2013-04-10: Welcome!
Welcome to my website! Hope you find it usefull even if I am not a certified webdesigner. ;-)

2013-04-10: Popeye v1.0
This patch adds highscore saving.

2013-04-08: Castlevania (VS) 1.0
Here comes a NES-patch for this VS-game. Enjoy!

2013-04-01: Excitebike v1.0b released!
This patch adds track-save/loading functionality to Excitebike using SRAM instead of a taperecorder!

2013-03-25: Duck Hunt (VS) v1.5 released!
Now comes with a dipswitch-settings screen.

2013-03-24: Duck Hunt (VS) v1.4 released!
I've done some codecleanup and some minor optimizations so now the IPS-file is alot smaller. No other gameplay chanes.

2013-03-19: Duck Hunt (VS) v1.1 released!
Updated my "Duck Hunt(VS") patch to v1.1. Now highscore-saving is implemented.