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Software & Documentation

Here's all software I've written that's NES-related.

Name OS Description
A/NES PRO v1.19 AmigaOS NES-emulator for classic Amigas (AGA and 68060+ highly recommended).
FDS Explorer v1.63 Windows Advanced manipulation-utility for FDS-images
Mos2Mot v1.1 Windows Converts 6502 assembler files to 68000. Originally coded by Fernando Borovsak. Updated by me.
NESExplorer v1.0 Windows Utility for exploring NES-ROMs
NESInfo Windows Commandline-utility for viewing info about INES-ROMs
NESRevPlus v0.4b Windows An intelligent disassembler, originally written by Kent Hansen but ported to native Windows by myself.
ZappR Toolkit v0.5a Windows ZPR-patch compiler, apply patches..
ZappR Reference - Technical details concering ZappR format