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What's this?
MadNESs is a NES-emulator for Microsoft Windows, running using the .NET framework and DirectX 9. The name of the emulator somehow reflects the challenge of creating a NES-emulator, it's simply MadNESs! :)
There's tons of very good NES-emulators today however I wanted to do it "my way" so here we are. :)
Currently it emulates a NTSC-NES (PAL not supported at the moment) with audio. Some basic mappers are emulated (more or less).

* Windows (tested on Windows 7 + 10, x64)
* .NET framework 4.5.2
* Direct-X 9 runtime

Other interesting features than the emulation itself:
* Hardware monitor
* Audioripper (16-bit PCM/WAV)
* Screenshots
* Custom filerequesters for the retro-experience
+ more stuff to come

* Keyboardinput only at the moment
* Window mode only
* DX9-related crashes sometimes
* This is an alpha-release, things are not really finished. And yes, there are bugs. :)

What does it cost?
It's totally free! However, if you want to make the author really happy and make sure he keeps developing, be sure to send him some encouraging e-mails or perhaps even a Paypal-donation.

Want to contact me with some constructive feedback or ideas? Feel free to drop me an e-mail. Address found here.


2016-04-22 MadNESs v0.10a First alpha-release!